Physiotherapy at Sidmouth Physio, Pilates & Acupuncture takes a comprehensive approach. By listening to your concerns and what you are keen to achieve we assess you holistically, taking into account your lifestyle and hobbies. Along with hands on treatment we also offer advice on what you can do to maintain the benefits of each session reducing the need for prolonged courses of treatment.

A thorough initial assessment comprising of verbal questioning about the nature of your problem and comprehensive physical assessment of the relevant joints and soft tissues is completed. This will identify the likely cause of your complaint enabling development of a treatment plan and setting of achievable goals with you.

We treat any musculoskeletal (bone, joint, soft tissue) complaint. Commonly this includes arthritis, spinal pain, frozen shoulder, ligament or tendon problems, hypermobility, trapped nerves and pregnancy related back or pelvic pain. We also offer treatment before or after orthopaedic surgery (such as hip or knee replacements) to maximise your joint mobility and strength assisting recovery.

Physiotherapy treatments include joint mobilisations, massage, ultrasound to promote healing, tape application, exercises and lifestyle and self-help advice. 

A Physiotherapy treatment session may also involve Acupuncture and Pilates exercises depending on your needs and preferences.