Acupuncture is a very useful additional treatment to Physiotherapy. It can be beneficial in the early stages after an injury if firm hands-on treatment is too uncomfortable and can also be of great value if pain has been present for a long time. Acupuncture is effective in treating pain throughout large or multiple areas which can make hands-on treatment more difficult. For long-term pain an initial few Acupuncture sessions close together, followed by sessions periodically, can help to keep pain manageable and under control. 

Acupuncture involves the insertion of extremely fine needles into the skin with the aim of reducing pain, swelling and relaxing tight muscles. It has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is based on the theory of energy flow through the body. If the energy channels in the body (meridians) become blocked through illness, injury or even emotional factors then symptoms such as pain, swelling and weakness can develop. Insertion of needles at specific points restore the energy flow and can relieve these symptoms.

There is strong evidence based on medical research to support Acupuncture. 

For example, Acupuncture stimulates the release of several chemicals in the body - Endorphins (the body's natural painkillers), Serotonin (boosts mood and relaxation) and Melatonin (assists sleep) all of which also promote general wellbeing.

An Acupuncture health screening form is completed before treatment to ensure it is suitable for you. The Acupuncture needles used are sterile and single use. You may feel a small pricking sensation on insertion but often patients don't feel the needles being inserted at all. They remain in situ for 20-25 minutes although sometimes a few minutes is sufficient to relax tight muscles. Needle removal is quick and pain-free. 

Sidmouth Physio, Pilates & Acupuncture is licensed by East Devon County Council to practise Acupuncture.

If you would like further information about Acupuncture please contact us.